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  • Greetings Region 2, I come to you with commentary...
    12:00am Jan 1
    Greetings Region 2,
    I come to you with commentary outside of the upcoming Summit (for once) - and I come wishing your commentary.

    As you all know, Robert Westfall stepped down as Commander, Starfleet and as such, Dan Toole assumed the 'big chair' per MHB 03:02 and our Chief of Ops became the VCS temporarily until Dan chooses a VCS candidate... at which time the AB (that'd be the RCs... like me) has a vote of Confirmation, with a majority vote, the nominee assumes the office.

    As such, Dan has sent the AB the following:
    "After reviewing and talking with members of the EC, I have decided to nominate Michael Garcia for the position of Vice-Commander STARFLEET. I feel his idea of what the VCS office should be most fit my idea of what I wanted. What impressed me most is that he asked me questions about the position before he officially applied. It showed that he was more interested in being part of the team and making sure he fit than simply being VCS. His professionalism throughout the process was outstanding, his STARFEET resume is impressive, and his real world experience will bring a great deal to the Office of VCS.

    As some of you know Michael has recently had a gap in his membership. I did consider that as part of my decision. When I found out more, that gap no longer became a factor. It seems, during our little dust up with the US Marine Corps, Michael was working at a company that provided support for Law firms and General Councils of Companies during lawsuits. Working at a law firm I know all about this. Well, the USMC was a client of this company and when management found out that Michael was part of STARFLEET and could pose a conflict he was told to quit STARFLEET or find another job. I would have done the exact same thing in his shoes. Michael now works at another organization so that is no longer an issue.

    I hope we can get this taken care of quickly, we have a lot of work to do and I am going to lay out a bold agenda for us. But, you know what they say fortune favors the bold."

    The question I ask of you, the members of my Region - how do you feel about this selection and your opinion on how I should vote? I have feelings that I'll bring toward the end of the discussion, but I won't taint opinion at the start.
  • I want to make sure everyone will be safe and warm...
    12:00am Jan 1
    I want to make sure everyone will be safe and warm tonight in Region 2
  • Additionally, the 2018 Summit early bird registrat...
    12:00am Jan 1
    Additionally, the 2018 Summit early bird registration time limit is midnight tonight (CST) so please be sure to register!
  • Greetings Region 2, I meant to make this announcem...
    12:00am Jan 1
    Greetings Region 2,
    I meant to make this announcement earlier today but with the weather today, it slipped my mind. With that, I'm extending the "Interest Bid" for the 2019 Summit to 10am tomorrow instead of midnight tonight. If you're interested in hosting the 2019 Summit and haven't already contacted me - please let me know by then.